Inside the YHDC SCT013 current transformer

For makers interested in modifying the YHDC SCT013 current transformer, I have drafted a little blog article with some pics etc: Inside the YHDC SCT013 current transformer.

Been there, done that, and the picture is in the test report.

My apologies, the moderator might oblige by removing the redundant post.

You could also point out that the c.t. should NEVER “clamp” on the cable, but at most should be a loose fit - because of the risk of snapping the core. That’s why I object to the term “clamp” being used for split-core c.t’s - it gives people the wrong idea. A ring-core made from electrical steel is OK in that respect, a ferrite ring-core would be stronger and less vulnerable, but the “C” core that YHDC uses is asking for trouble.

And don’t snag and break the tails from the winding - particularly the one from the start of the winding. If you snap the end, it’s easy enough to take a turn off and nobody will ever know. Not so the start.

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