Inserting images onto the online dashboard

I am creating a school dashboard. For proper visualisation, i need to insert images depicting the places being metered. Since this is online, there is no directory where I could edit and insert the link to upload an image. How do I go about this? Thank you

Online where?

Yes. I do not have emoncms installed on my laptop.

OK, I don’t use that service so can’t help I’m afraid.

As is a shared service, I doubt that it is possible - at least server-side. However, @TrystanLea will be able to give you a definitive answer.

I add little images (capacitors and inductors) on some of my dashboards like:


I do that by inserting a text element; they let you insert html which can be a pointer to an image on another server, like…

<img src="https://remote-url-here/inductor.png">

(I’ve left the closing quote off to hopefully stop the forum s/w from tying to act on that bit of html).

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Hello @Lui, it is not possible to upload images to the server, but as @dBC described you can include a link to your own images hosted elsewhere.

This worked. Thank you