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A short description of my system:
I have 1 emonpi with 1 ct sensor to monitor my solar production (inverter with solar panels and battery)
and 1 emontx v3 with 1 ct sensor to monitor the importation of the public grid
I recently added 1 grid-tie inverter,
and I’m monitoring the production with 1 pzem+esp8266.
The situation is as follows:
In my emoncms local the inputs of Pzem+esp8266 appear and there are measurements.
And feeds that I’ve created are working ok.
But in, no inputs appear .

What can I do to have inputs in of the pzem+esp8266?


Hello @accoelho what firmware do you have installed on the esp8266 unit? and how do you have it configured?

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I have this: GitHub - apreb/eNode: Device to measure energy and temperature
And I have configured this way,

In my local emoncms it appears like this

I have a openevse and I make the configuration to my emoncms local.
The inputs appear normally but they do not sync automatically to

So, I still try a solution…

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