Input Channel Status and RED text

I installed the IoTaWatt in my electrical panel yesterday and configured the inputs. When I looked at the Input Channel Status I saw two inputs had measurements in RED text. Digging thru the IoTaWatt wiki and OEM IoTaWatt category I came across a post that mentioned the CT is backwards. So I flipped Input_3 and Input 5 CTs and the text changed to BLACK. Success!


After that I moved the IoTaWatt and needed to power down. After powering back up now all Inputs now have RED text.


So is RED text really a CT backwards?

PS - My next step was going to be to flip the 9 VAC VT (but I don’t think there is enough room in my install to flip the VT.)

I think it has to do with the polarity of the VT relative to the CTs. What happens if you flip the VT around?

Edit: Sorry - missed the last line in your post :).

I’m sure I will be corrected if I’m wrong, but I’m assuming the reason for the flip you see is you set it up and attached the CTs with the VT plugged into an outlet on one ‘leg’, and when you moved it, you are now connected to an outlet on the other ‘leg’, so with the phase of the two legs 180* apart, when on the other one it reverses how the CTs flow appears.

Also, from what Bob has said, the red doesn’t really matter as unless you have ‘allow negative values’ checked, the data will still post as positive.

Dave’s on the right track. As Einstein often said “It’s all relative”. It’s worth noting that is a uniquely American problem, because our 120V sockets can accommodate a non polarized plug. Some appliances use a plug with one blade wider than the other so that it can only be inserted one way. Others have the third ground pin so they are polarized as well. But the typical AC adapter doesn’t usually require insertion one way or the other. If you look at your sockets, one slot is longer than the other, that’s the neutral. The other is the hot lead. Look at the socket where you had the VT before, and the new one. The VT should be oriented with the same blades in the short/tall slots.

That’s true. I can say that I still have a couple of CTs that are disoriented. I don’t really notice the red anymore. But I can understand someone wanting to get it “right” as well.

Add a tick ‘mask negative values’? :slight_smile:

What do you think of this:

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That looks good - I assume it’s just an indicator showing that the CT is flipped relative to VTs polarity, but if for some reason, one wanted negative values, selecting that would change it over to red?

I will make it so. It would also have a negative sign in that case.