Initial Setup

My emonTxV3, AC power adapter, emonBase RFM69Pi module and emonSD card arrived a couple of
days ago – securely packed & fast delivery – thx.

I fitted the RFM69Pi module to a Pi 3 but noticed the antenna solder blob on the underside of the module comes exceedingly close to a couple of Pi GPIO pins. So as a precaution I’ve put some insulation tape over those GPIO pins.

I connected up the emonTx with a CT, etc and fired up the Pi 3/RFM69 with emonSD card. All seemed OK. Following the Guide step by step (which seems more emonPi related than emonBase in my opinion ), I tried to log in locally to
emoncms to continue with my setup. I was asked for username & password.

It took a while searching the site to discover … pi/emonpi2016. I tried this but got … username does not exist.

A bit later I discovered that if I puTTy in then pi/emonpi2016 does work – but that’s not
where I want to go.

Help pls – with logging in locally to emoncms to continue my setup.

John - is this the login? If so, add a new username and new password. The Username can be your first name or “pi” or anything else. Then click on the Register.

Hope this helps!

EDIT: 1. Connect - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

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Yes, you need to register / create a local emoncms account on your emonBase.

Thx guys …
Because I have an emonBase rather than an an emonPi, I hooked things up intuitively and only started with the Guide at the Log Locally step. Then I was confronted with a ‘window’ just asking for username and password.
On reflection, a reminder in the Guide (at the Log Locally step) that a User Account needs to have been previously created would have been helpful ??? Just a suggestion.
Thx again

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@glyn.hudson the instructions here need updating to include setting up local logon, I hit the same problem when doing a manual install but found the solution here.

Thanks, note has been added: