Incorrect Link in documentation for lightwaveRF-pi

Hi folks, not sure which category this should be in, so please move as necessary.

I needed to re-install the lightwaverf-pi code onto my emonsd-07Nov16, so I followed the lovely new documentation which said to use the emonPi Technical Hardware Wiki for details. On that wiki it shows to install lightwaverf-pi from git using
git clone and although this does work, and installs, I eventually worked out that it fails to authenticate with mosquitto, as mosquiito now requires a userid & password which is not in that git repository.
There is an OEM version of lightwaverf-pi at GitHub - openenergymonitor/lightwaverf-pi: a port of the arduino lightwaverf library to the raspberry pi which has the modified version of lwrfmqtt.c that contains the userid & password for mosquitto.
So I thought you would want to update the link, to avoid anyone else hitting the same problem as me.