Import historical data from iotawatt

This afternoon i encountered a fatal crash of my emonpi. The sd card is completely dead (does not even show up on another pc).
So i had to reinstall emoncms and us a backup. However the backup is almost 1 year old.
Since i also have some Iotawatt that are feeding the emonpi the data, i was wondering if i could insert the missing data?

I tried to find more info on the forum, but i could not find how to do it when there is already new data (last hour) added to the feed.
Can anyone show me where to look or how to create a script?

If you’re using the Iotawatt uploader that will upload historical data.
Go to /Setup/Data Uploaders/Emoncms and put the date you want history uploaded from in the “upload history from” box.

For some of my units i’m using the uploader, but i couldn’t get it to work.
Can it be that it does not work when there is already newer data available?
I have data up to 17/04/2021 and some new data from after the rebuild.

I’m not an emonCMS expert, but I believe that is indeed the case. I don’t know if or how you can save the existing data, empty the feed, upload the old data and then continue and upload the saved data.

You might like to look in the ‘Learn’ section where there is a description of the databases used by emonCMS.