Implications of ADC?

It seems there is still no comparison for demanding “small” users:

Finally, while it is important to have a wide range of measurements, it is important to bear in mind that a higher intensity model will result in less precision. An intensity of 30A to 230V corresponds to a load of 6,900W, which is enough for most home users.

To measure the voltage at the transformer output, we have several options, ordered here from least to most recommended:

  • Rectify the signal through a diode bridge, and measure the wave as positive values. Not advisable given that we lose information as to whether we are in the negative or positive half-period, and because we will have the voltage drop of the diode, and, even worse, the diode does not drive below a voltage meaning the signal will be distorted at the junctions by zero.
  • Add an offset in DC by using two resistors and a capacitor that provide a midpoint between GND and Vcc. Much better if we also add an operational amplifier as a voltage follower.
  • Add an ADC with differential input, which allows measurements of positive and negative voltages, such as the ADS1115. This is the option that we are going to use.

Adjusting the gain of the ADS1115 to 2.048V will place it within the range of ± 1.414V. In the case of a 30A sensor we will have an accuracy of 1.87mA, and 6.25 mA for a 100A sensor.

I know that idea was bulky non-invasive approach, but I feel that we will end up replacing entire distribution board:

There have been after-market products that can monitor energy use in your home before, like Sense*, but Leviton’s system goes a step further by integrating smart technology directly into the breaker box and individual circuit breakers, giving homeowners far more information on the power management in their homes.
*well, that would work well, unless the internet connection/modem is on the breaker that popped… lol :laughing:

UPS? Although I would prefer more indirect control where app could send encrypted command in text message.

On other boards we can see that some users were trying to eliminate some vampire load 7 years ago:

I want to be able to monitor power usage per breaker from my main service panel in my house. and break it down per circuit how much energy (kWh) is being used.

It might be helpful to anyone reading your post if you were to add a little context.

For example, what is the source you are quoting from?

What is the point you are trying to make?