I messed up. Packages removed on eMonPi

So, I was tidying up a Pi on my network which I use for various network tasks (PiHole, VPN, stuff like that), and I saw it had Apache and PHP installed. No need for that I thought, so I proceeded to clear up the packages I didn’t need.

After I was done I was checking things were good on my network and I noticed I couldn’t get to my local emoncms. You guessed it, I was logged into the wrong machine when I was tidying up. :see_no_evil:

So, my emonpi is running a rather reduced OS now. I expect my best option is to take the card out and reflash it with a new image, but is there anything I can do from the command line to backup the configuration before I do?

(I’ve got a backup from a couple of weeks ago when I updated the SW version, but I’ve been modifying things a bit these last couple of weeks.)

Is it an older image?

If so, in the home folder you should find a folder ‘backup’ somewhere. In there there is a emoncms-export.sh script. Just execute that and you should get a zip file generated of the backup.

Did you update or start from a fresh install?

Rule 1 - If it ain’t broke, don’t fix!