Hybrid Inverter / Charger

HI Everyone.

I currently have a hybrid inverter/charger that is grid tied, charges batteries and also runs a small workshop off of it’s output side.

I have been looking at getting an OpenEnergyMonitor for a while but because of my setup I haven’t been sure if it will work. From what I can gather from reading. If I use the AC adapter then it will sense whether the inverter/charger in consuming or producing power?

So that when the inverter/charger is producing power it measures it correctly and when it is consuming power (to charge the batteries or in bypass mode to power the workshop) it knows that it is consuming?

Thanks in advance for the help.


It can determine the direction of power flow. Our convention (for grid connections) is positive power is consumption, negative power is export. There’s a page in ‘Learn’ that explains this a little more.

Hi Jeff,

What make and model of inverter do you have?