How to stay logged in on local emoncms install?

I have emoncms installed on my EmonBase. I would like to be able to leave a browser window up with my data in it at all times. Unfortunately, after a while, it forces me to log in again, and then navigate back to my display.

Is there anything I can set to have it keep me logged in all the time, or to set the timeout to some long value?

I looked a bit at the .php code but I couldn’t find it.

Do you have Remember Me ticked on the login screen?

What sort of data are you trying to view? If you’re viewing an app or dashboard they can be accessed via the read-only API in the URL. You can bookmark this URL including your R/O API key for easy access:

The APP URL with R/O API Key is generated when the app is viewed, just bookmark it


Or dashboard (adjust ID as required)


Thank you. The bookmark is not working. Note that the emoncms is installed on my raspi - not the web service.

When I bookmark a a dashboard, I get: http:///emoncms/dashboard/view&id=1

Also, “Remember Me” does not work.

I get a login prompt if I reboot the pi and then use the URL.

Yes, that,s because you are logged in and the apikey is not exposed when navigating as a logged in user.

edit the bookmark to include your read apikey (as shown by Glyn) eg


you can find your read apikey on your account page.

The easy way to do it is go to the account page and click “copy” for the read apikey, then navigate to the dash you wish to bookmark. Click into the end of the dash’s url (in the browser bar) and add “&apikey=” then paste your apikey and enter. Now when you bookmark the page, it should have your apikey attached and still be accessible once you have logged out of emoncms.

As far as I recall, the rememberme will reset if you reboot. It’s is only intended to prevent the session timing out, I’m pretty sure a new session will be need to be started if rebooted.

Thank you. Adding the apikey query string appears to work.

My pi reboots automatically once a day. I have it do that that because I recently discovered a bunch of data missing and no more being logged, and rebooting it got the logging going again.

Problems like this have been found to be due to the log folder being filled up. If you run an update this should pick up the logrotate modifications.