How to setup weekly, monthly POWER TO KWH?

I would to ask some help regarding to the weekly and monthly Power to Kwh setup. I had already setup the daily Kwh using “Power to Kwh/d” and it works fine. It reset after a day. And I would like to do the same in Weekly and Monthly Kwh consumption.


  1. How to configure process for weekly kwh consumption (reset to zero (0) after 7 days)?
  2. How to configure process for monthly kwh consumption (reset to zero (0) after 1 month)?

Thanks in advance…

There is no inbuilt functionality for weekly and monthly feeds. There was some experimenting with adapting the power to kWh/d process for weekly and monthly total on the Weekly KWh processor thread.

The way the power to kwh/d process works is that it keeps rewriting the same datapoint until the date changes. So it will not work for weekly or monthly periods without modification because it the value won’t last beyond any change of date. For comparison the power to kWh process logs a new datapoint for each value, it doesn’t overwrite the previous value.

Hi paul, thank you for your immediate reply. It means that there’s no way to get the weekly and monthly power to kwhr by adding some processor? It means that it will need some modification in the process_list.php?

but I will read the thread you had suggested. I hope it can help…

thanks again paul!


Not sure what you are trying to do, but I visualize weekly Kwh usage with the standard power-to-Kwh feeds. Here’s a year of total-Kwh and Heat-pump Kwh broken down by week. I use the “weekly” (or monthly) type graph and specify “delta” for the feeds so each period is the incremental increase - or usage for the period.

Hi bob, thank you for your idea, but i’m using gauges in my case. I already configure the daily and it resets after a day. I would to do the same also to weekly and monthly… dash
In my case I need to create weekly and monthly power to kwhr feeds.

@rubinlagura any luck?