How to setup Two Inverter feeds for Solar PV monitor?

I was able to setup one feed no problem but if I have 2 inverters. How can I add both feeds together and then monitor my total generation ?

I’m using CTs around the AC output of each inverter which go to my brultech 1240. Everything is working fine on but I like the display and information in the Apps (My Electric, My Solar etc …) and would like to setup a tablet that always displays the information etc !

I will later on put a split CT around the main line from the grid to see whats being received or sent to the grid.

By the way, the Inverters go to the main panel directly so the only way to know consumption is when I install the split CT around the main wires from the grid !


You’ll need to go into the first inverter input and add the following processes…

Log to Feed (Inverter 1)

  • Input (Inverter 2)
    Log to Feed (Both Inverters)



Thanks, this is what I did but I guess only the total feed can be viewed and not individual feeds with the total feed.

For trouble shooting, since it has already hapenned that 1 inverter shut down, it would be nice to have both feeds but I can live of course with the total only feed !

Thanks !

The current MySolar and MyElectric apps do only track one feed so you would need to sum them and display the total, but you could have a stacked graph to back that up for debugging etc.

I’m not familiar with a brultech device or the payload(s) it produces but possible in contrast to Dave’s suggestion, you should always put any totaling processes in the last updated of the inputs being summed.

Assuming inverter1 is updated before inverter2, when the inverter1 input is updated, the processing is done and the previous inverter2 value will be used in the latest total, then inverter2 will be updated and not included in the total until inverter1 is updated again.

With rapid updates and/or small increments this has less impact.

It shouldn’t be any different than logging each leg of a split-phase suppy then adding the individual sub-totals.

I did mine like this:

Log to feed (Leg1)
Log to feed (Leg2)

  • feed Leg1
    Log to feed (L1 + L2 Total)

I remember PB66 mentioning the use of a feed, vice an input, was the better choice.