How to set up ESP8266 controller? Any doc/video available?

So far I’ve ordered:
1 - ESP8266 “legacy” controller
14- cell modules v440

Target ->Balance a 14S6P Leaf Battery from 20kWh.

Programming them is clear following the " DIYBMS v4 Latest code updates & programming module/controller" video from Stuart, but once programmed…what’s next? :yum:

In the meantime items are coming. I am not able to find neither a document or video that shows the setup for the “legacy” controller…wifi settings and so on.

Any help/guidance so much appreciated.

Warm regards,

I was lucky…the ESP8266 arrived today and I was able to load the firmware. Once loaded, I’ve seen that it behaves like a hotspot.

So I’ve connected to it and by using the IP I’ve been able to log in and setup the home wifi…now I am in…!!! (The IP I’ve took it from a video).

How will I change later on the wifi??? I’ve seen any possibility…so I wouldn’t like to spend time and time configuring something that it will not go in that wifi.

Ok…so I need not just the ESP8266 but also the controller that I still dont’ have :slight_smile:
I have found the solution here: Reset Wifi