How to sell power when making your EV charger public?


Is there anyone who could help me with the following question:
Is there any charger system which provides the owner with the option to sell his (solar) power by making his charger public?
From what I understand OpenEVSE doesn’t provide this (yet) but maybe there are some people around here who would know where to find options like that?
I’m mainly interested in European options.

Thank you



First, find a lawyer… :slight_smile:

In the UK I believe you are not allowed to resell electricity without a specific license but there is a special exemption for car charging, but that in turn may only apply to a different level of regulation. provides for charging, but never looked too hard.

Or… Put a donations pot next to your charger, then your not selling :wink:

Hi Geoff,

There is no problem charging for use an an EV charger if it’s on your premises.

Correct, the OpenEVSE does not yet support this. But this is a feature that would be possible to add via the web interface:

The OpenEVSE controller already has a command to remotely enable / disable the unit, we would just need to add a payment section to the interface and the option to integrate with a web payment provider e.g. PayPal or Stripe etc.

We are also looking to add RFID/NFC support to enable a charger: Implement NFC · Issue #187 · OpenEVSE/ESP8266_WiFi_v2.x · GitHub

Just to shine a little more light on the subject in the UK, if your EVSE is accessible to the public then you are subject to the provisions of The Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulations 2017 - specifically if

(2) A recharging or refuelling point is accessible to the public if it is—

(a)intended for use by members of the general public (including those situated in public car parks, whether or not those car parks are available only to consumers of specific goods or services); and

(b)not intended for—

(i)exclusive use in respect of a vehicle produced by a specific manufacturer;

(ii)use by persons engaged in specific occupations;

(iii)use by persons whilst at their place of employment (including visitors); or

(iv)exclusive use by occupiers of, or visitors to, residential premises.

and then

Recharging points: intelligent metering and ad-hoc access

5.—(1) After 17th November 2017, an infrastructure operator must ensure that all recharging points for which that operator is responsible incorporate intelligent metering systems which comply with the requirements specified in paragraph 5 of the Schedule.

(2) An infrastructure operator must provide to any person ad-hoc access to—

(a)all recharging points deployed after 17th November 2017; and

(b)all recharging points deployed on or before 17th November 2017, no later than 18th November 2018.

(3) In this regulation—

“ad-hoc access” means the ability for any person to recharge an electric vehicle without entering into a pre-existing contract with an electricity supplier to, or infrastructure operator of, that recharging point.

There’s even more fun on the way with the later Automated and Electric Vehicles Act


So for a homeowner it would be a grey area to classify a user using an online booking system as a visitor to the home?

Would have to offer them tea :slight_smile: