How to select the most loaded input (phase)

I have three current sensors on three phases.

Please tell me if it is possible to select (determine) the most loaded phase out of three and then publish the value of this power in MQTT. (More precisely, I will need the remaining available power of this phase)

There are no processes for comparing different feeds? Only “if” for specific values?

Welcome, Dmitriy, to the OEM forum.

As you say, emonCMS cannot compare two Inputs or Feeds. And I have no knowledge of MQTT, so I cannot help there.

But if you are using the OEM 3-phase sketch with (I am guessing) your emonTx, then detecting the highest of 3 phases, or the difference between that and the next highest, and sending that value separately will be relatively simple, but you will need to edit the sketch and re-load it.