How to post emonESP data to several emonCMS servers

(Timo Savikoski) #1

Finally I got my ESP-12F (ESP-8266) WiFi working and all emonESP files downloaded to module.
Everything seems to be working, but:
Is there any possibility to post data to more than one emonCMS server?

In my normal configuration, my emonHub sends data to three severs: (1., 2. local emoncms, 3. my own web pages).
How can I add two server more to emonESP to post the data?
There is only one field for server in emonESP configuration dialog.

(Glyn Hudson) #2

No, I’m afraid in its default configuration emonesp can only post to a single emoncms server. You could post to emonpi. Via mqtt then directly.

Or post to emonpi via mqtt the setup forward to or another emoncms server via nodered.