How to post emonESP data to several emonCMS servers

Finally I got my ESP-12F (ESP-8266) WiFi working and all emonESP files downloaded to module.
Everything seems to be working, but:
Is there any possibility to post data to more than one emonCMS server?

In my normal configuration, my emonHub sends data to three severs: (1., 2. local emoncms, 3. my own web pages).
How can I add two server more to emonESP to post the data?
There is only one field for server in emonESP configuration dialog.

No, I’m afraid in its default configuration emonesp can only post to a single emoncms server. You could post to emonpi. Via mqtt then directly.

Or post to emonpi via mqtt the setup forward to or another emoncms server via nodered.