How to link a feed from existing emonCMS system to emonPI

I have an existing emonCMS system reading data from my inverter and where I feed data to a web page.Also part of it is many dashboards.
I am now installing a emonCMS PI and emonTX.
With the emonCMS PI, I would like to read the feeds from the original emonCMS and build some combined dashboards.

How can I achieve this?

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Do you want to copy over historic data or just add new data to the new Emoncms server?

There are various scripts for backup / replication in usefulscripts. @TrystanLea should be able to advice further.


Thanks for your reply.
No I do not need the historical data.
I just want to show all the data on one dashboard



What are you using to post data to emoncms? You will need to set this data source to post simultaneously to two emoncms servers. This is easy to do and an emonpi using emonhub. Alternatively you could setup a nodered flow to get the data from one server and mirror to another using the emoncms nodered node.

I have a Axpert inverter and Manie’s ICC reads that data well and stores in a EMONCMS database.

I have also two SMA’s that feeds all solar to the main DB where surplus power goes into the grid (legally) This is monitored with a separate emonPi with it’s own database.
On both the Pi’s I have created a number of reports.

I just want to combine all data readings from ICC into the emonPi

I have already manager to update from the emonPi, so I just have to update readings from ICC to emonPi.

Seems like I am winning slowly and making progress.

I am sure I will be able to find the remainder of info I need to update emonPi from ICC.



You will need to change the settings in the ICC software to point at the emonpi instead of (or as well as) There is currently on way to send data between emoncms instances

We have no info on the ICC stuff so it’s not something we can offer much help with.

As Glyn suggested, you could set up a 3rd party script (eg nodered) to fetch the data from one server and post it to the other.

Thanks Paul, As I said I think I should be able to find (figure out) the remainder.

Thanks for your prompt help.