How to flash v4.5

Hey Guys,

is there any “How TO” flash the module?
do i have the right things to do this ? (pics attached)

Not quite. The hardware you are showing is used for the 6 pin ISP interface on the earlier versions of the modules.

You will need a UPDI cable, these can be assembled using a few components or you can purchase one online (likely). If you have a USB->UART cable (such as you might use for an Arduino ProMini), a resistor and a couple jumper wires (male to female) you should have everything you need.

GitHub - microchip-pic-avr-tools/pymcuprog: a Python utility for programming various Microchip MCU devices using Microchip CMSIS-DAP based debuggers shows how to assemble the parts to create your own UPDI cable as described above.