How to download monthy data as CSV

Since I can’t find a staked bar of more than 2 graphs. How can I download monthly data as CSV as in attachment?

Hello @recepta have you seen the guide on exporting CSV here? Exporting CSV - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

If you select the interval type to be monthly and place a tick in the ‘delta’ box (assuming your source feed is cumulative kWh) is will calculate kWh per month for you and allow export as CSV below.

unfortunately my feeds are kWhd PHPTIMESERIES, or realtime. Any way to download monthly from those?

Ah ok, not an easy way Im afraid. How about exporting the daily figures and then adding them up in a spreadsheet? For realtime you can work out e.g average monthly temperature by placing a tick in the average box and using the monthly interval in the graph view.

I see, I was exporting daily numbers and then adding them. I was hoping for and easier way, but that is fine if there is no easier way. Thanks for your help.