How to determine input logging setting for phpfina?

I have a feed coming from ESP Easy to Emoncms local that is being logged as phpfina. I believe I set the input to be logged every 60 seconds, however it is only logging every 120 seconds. In addition there are null values randomly being recorded in the fee.

Are you running emoncms on a pi or on If your running it locally you can turn the Device Module Beta On on the device page and hover over a feed to see this info:


Or you can use a feed api call

How often is the ESP easy posting to emoncms?

Ideally you need to try and match the intervals, if you are sending data every 120s and recording it to a 60s feed, it will alternate between nulls and values as each time the input updates (every 120s) the 60s feed will backfill the “missed” datapoint with a null. If the intervals are not exact and regular, the pattern will not be ridged, but it will more or less alternate.

This looks much easier! Thank you both for your assistance.

Well this is showing that the feed has a 60 second interval.

It looks like the problem might be with the ESP device or code. The ESP Easy software is showing 60 seconds, but there might be some other issue.