How to create feeds that data survives reboots and issues


New to all of this, so forgive my dumb questions.

I’m trying to use a self hosted instance of emoncms. Capturing data from my inverter and battery with some scripts.

Got the setup to a point where for example i have 2 feeds for solar production

  1. Log to Feed
  2. Power to kWh

These data do not survive a reboot of my Raspberry Pi

I’m trying to have a setup where i can have feeds for

Daily Solar
Monthly Solar
Annual Solar
All Time.

Feed data that will survive restarts or reboots ot anything going wrong.


I have Battery data from my DIY bank
Battery watts in
Amps in
Battery Watts Out
Amps Out
Remaining Battery AH

I’d appreciate a guide on how to get Battery SOC from these data feeds

Thank you

Hi and welcome.

How long do you wait to reboot? The data is initially written to RAM and then written to disk (usually). Go away and make a cuppa, then come back and try a reboot.

On the Inputs page you create the processing as you state.

Post an image of your processing (example for processing a pulse input)

The 3 names on the RHS are the Feed names.

On the Feeds page you will see the data that is stored.

Thank you.

I did a reboot after 3 days logging because i needed to restart the Pi for other reasons.

That was when I discovered the data disappeared.

This is what i currently have.

I have a dashboard setup to display these feeds

Is this a standard setup on a Pi?

Go to admin and see what the Services say especially feedwriter

I found that feedwriter was red, so i tried to reinstall. there was an error message with mysql which i solved by installing php-mysql.

This is what i have in there now. feedwriter is now green

So in answer to my question, a non-standard install.

Yes. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I have now tried a reboot and my data didn’t disappear.

Please assist me with the rest of my question if you can.

Isn’t Battery SOC = Remaining Battery AH / Battery Capacity AH?

Sorry, no idea :frowning:

sadly i am completely clueless about how all of these work.

I’ll appreciate a screenshot or some sort of guide. I’m guessing it’ll be a virtual feed like this?