How to change feeds

I had to swap two of my CTs over, because I initially connected a high power cable to socket #4 on my emonTx. So I had to exchange it with one monitoring a known lower power circuit.

I’m now having trouble reestablishing the feeds. What exactly do I need to do in the way of renaming inputs, deleting feeds etc?

I’ve tried a couple of times and they still are mixed up and I’m thoroughly confused.

Hello @djh, can you give a bit more information on what input processes you have on the CT inputs and the feeds you want them to log to? Perhaps a screenshot of what you see?

Hi Trystan. They’re both just simple logs of the power. DB2 & diverted are the two I’ve swapped:

which all look fine but

the name of the feed appears wrong here, but not in a graph

How do I get them all consistent?

Did you change the description for the input on the inputs page? should input emontx3:power2 be diverted? and input emontx3:power4 be DB2?

Yes I changed the description/name on the input page.

power2 is now DB2. It was originally ‘diverted’ and DB2 was mistakenly on power4, but DB2 can pass quite a lot of power, certainly a lot more than 4 kW. My mistake was to originally put ‘diverted’ on power2, so I’ve now moved it to power4, since it measures the power diverted by Robin’s diverter into a 3 kW immersion.

Answering myself - the problem seems to have sorted itself out. I suppose that may have been due to my restarting the feedwriter service. In which case I guess that is a workaround.