How to Add Web App Manifest PWA (Progressive Web Application) in Emoncms


How to add Web App Manifest to Emoncms,
I want convert web page to PWA (Progressive Web Application),

example :
i open this “” web page in my mobile, to ask one pop up “Add Community to Home screen” then i click the popup this page is converted to Android app.

i try google “Add Your Web App to a User’s Home Screen” but that not working

kindly please help to solve this Web App…


Hi All,

How to convert Emoncms web site is convert co android web app,
As per this OEM community app.

““This OEM community web page is I used in android chrome meens browser ask add to home screen then I click this page is converted to android app.””

This type of app is PWA

So how to convert Emoncms to PWA

I moved your second post above from the fresh topic you created as it is a duplication.

I started looking into this a while back and found it is possibly not a difficult task in the right hands. I did not have the skills to do this swiftly and didn’t have the time to work it out at a slower rate.

I think it would be a great idea, it might require some changes to be made to make emoncms more user friendly on smaller devices (phones and small tablets etc) but that’s not a bad thing I guess.