How to add a new MQTT item

Hi All…
Just got my EmonPi system up and running about 3 days ago, more as a test-bed initially as I learn a bit more about it.
I have solar and grid but I just monitor my main incoming feed (at this point). I have a second CT and later will monitor my solar o/p and complete in/out separately but not for a few weeks yet.
I’ve managed to extract and separate the incoming and outgoing power amounts so can display separately but would like to add a new MQTT item but cant find a description of how to do it.
I notice that in the EmonHub log-page it shows a bunch of stuff (the predefined inputs) being sent to MQTT and also when configuring inputs, one of the drop-downs available is ‘publish to MQTT’ but when I try to add a new item it never shows up in the EmonHub log as a posted item.
I created an item vReal (corrected mains voltage) and try to publish to emon/emonpi/vReal but dont see it in the EmonHub log. Am I looking in the wrong place? or just doing it wrong :).
I’m completely new to using this and Its probably in the documentation somewhere but I have not found it as yet.
Any help with a link or advice would be much appreciated, Thanks :slight_smile:

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