How often should I post data on shared hosted emoncms

I have question regarding on how often I should post data to my shared hosted emoncms instance. Does posting data as often as possible give you more accurate results in reporting?

bump - so does sending data to emoncms every few seconds vs every 10 seconds give you more accurate reporting(since there will be more data points)?

Do you mean, or a download for the SD card that you uploaded to, or a build on, a server that you control?
If you mean, you are not allowed to post more frequently than once every 10 s. If you do, the data won’t get through. If it is a server that you control, you can post as much and as often as you wish.

Posting more data points will give you more granularity. Whether that will be significantly more accurate will depend on the rate at which the data changes.

good point about which server. I am posting to my own linux shared hosted server. Currently, I post about every couple of seconds. Is it too often? What would be the optimal posting interval?

Technically, the lower limit is the speed at which you can send and your server can accept the data, and the amount of money you are prepared to pay to store that data for what time period. Only you can decide what detail you want, based on the use to which you will put the data.