How is the shunt monitor correctly supplied with voltage?

I have a question about the shunt
In your YT post I see that you bridged “sense” and “V+++”.

Can I operate the shunt with the voltage from the battery pack (16S) or do I need 12V for the “V+++” connection.

Looking at the schematic, the step-down regulator is powered from the “+++” line. It accepts up to 85 V according to Stuart’s note on the schematic, and 95 V according to the LM5009A datasheet, with an absolute limit of 100 V. My guess is that he is derating it to help people avoid making costly mistakes.

In any case, your 16S battery pack is going to have a maximum voltage of 16 x (max cell voltage), which is almost certainly going to stay below 16 * 4.35 = 69.6 V, unless you’re using a really weird cell chemistry. So, you’ll be fine to bridge “+V Sense” and “+++”, and thereby power your current monitor from your battery voltage sense line.

Many thanks for this information. Now I can continue wiring my system.