How is Octopus Agile data derived for demandshaper


I am trying to understand how demandshaper gets its data updated. The reason is that I have 2 self hosted emoncms systems running on pi. They are both using Octopus Agile pricing for south western England and I have noticed that they don’t always agree as to the best start time for 3 hour usage at lowest cost. So the first thing I need to check is if they are both getting the data correctly from Octopus. What triggers the data update?

Also I have noticed that the best time is does not seem to be selected until later in the evening even though I have the latest data available on my Octopus Agile web page.

Hello @ian

The demandshaper loads the forecast from an cache of the octopus price forecast once an hour: demandshaper/demandshaper_run.php at master · emoncms/demandshaper · GitHub loads the forecast from octopus at 6:30 pm and 1:00 am UTC.

This means that the latest forecast should be in the demandshaper most of the time by 5:30-6:30 pm but sometimes as late as midnight - 1am.

If it does not have the latest forecast is will initially use the previous day.

When the latest forecast does become available it will automatically adjust the timing later in the evening.

Thanks. Is there any way the date in use could be shown under the times displayed?
I still see this anomoly every now and then.