How do I connect an RTC?

I read the blog post that describes how I can connect an RTC to emonPi,
but how do I do that in case of emonBase with the emonTx setup? The emonBase already has the Rx connected to those pins where I think the RTC would be connected.

How’s your soldering skills? I have previously used the same “DS3231 for Pi” (black color model only not red) piggy backing an rfm2pi by removing the 2x5 pin female header from the rfm2pi and fitting a 2x10 stacking header instead, then the RTC just plugs in on the top and uses the I²C pins without disturbing the rfm2pi.

EDIT - Alternatively, depending on your Pi case/space, You could do it the other way around and hack the much cheaper RTC as it would be simpler with a single row of pins. It works either way, it may just be a little more wobbly and perhaps a little less pretty with the larger rfm2pi board on the top.

I originally planned to remove the RTC header too and solder the RTC directly on the rfm2pi’s extended pins and trim the excess pin for a shallower profile, but in the end decided to keep the connector for easy battery access.

Thanks, I think I will be able to do that.