How can I increase feed size?


I recently had some trouble with my emonpi that nobody on here could offer any advice on, so I installed a new SD image, and restored a backup. I now only seem to keep a few minutes worth of energy use data, and all feeds seem capped at 10MB (See screenshot). Sorry for being dim, but I can’t find where in the UI I can remove the 10MB cap, and keep a longer log of my energy use. Many thanks for any pointers!


I think you need to rename your title “How can I increase feed size”

If you check a graph of the data, has the data stopped recording?

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Answer is found in bottom left corner of Feed Page



I saw that other thread but it didn’t really help me.

Feeds haven’t stopped recording, but only show the last X mins of data. Pressing the button in your image just gives me a pop-up telling me how much space the feeds are using in aggregate. Sorry for screenshots from mobile, but it’s the same functionality as on desktop.

I think you have a more fundamental problem then. 10MB data is not a couple of minutes.

Can you show what the input process is?

Does the start point continually move?

Shows “live” data (I switched the immersion heater on for a few seconds to get a nice identifiable spike). I’ll take a screenshot of the input process too.

Edit: does this screenshot show what you want to know about the input process?

What if you show different time frames (12h, 24h etc)? Was there any energy use before 10:42 (ish)?

Nothing recorded. The device has been running constantly, and the data from eg the screenshot I sent at 0630 is no longer there.

Appears that, for some reason it wasn’t logging.

Did you delete a duplicate input?

If you go for a year, is there any other data?

Have you trimmed data?

If you hover over the feed name, a little pop up appears. Roughly what date/time does it say that feed started?

This makes no sense to me!

I have not intentionally deleted feeds, but my problem from the previous thread was never really resolved, so I installed a new SD with new image, then restored previous instance (mounted original SD card over USB).

Description of all steps previously taken:

Did you then do an Import?

Is the clock correct on the PI? look at the feed end time


Date is correct:

[email protected]:~ $ date
Wed 16 Mar 12:39:42 GMT 2022

The feed end time confused me as well, but it’s definitely “live” data in the feed, and above is output from the date command on the unit.

Sorry, when I wrote that I restored the previous instance in fact I imported it following instructions at Step 3 here:

There was a good amount of logged data from when I started using the system until it spontaneously broke that I had wanted to import.

@TrystanLea - well I am stumped as to why there is an end date on this Feed!

@wheeto - add a new ‘log to feed’ process to the input (leave the current one) and see what happens. Perhaps the old feed had a corrupted date or clock.

I’ve added “main power” - I’ll leave it to run for a while and let you know how I get on. Many thanks for your time on this!