[HOSTED INSTALL] Export from pi running the sd card image to csv.... it's slow as *beeeep*

i can export via the backup no problem there

but on my shared hosted i opted to use mysql as engine, its slower i know, but i have unlimited db space

when i do csv export on the pi it open the page but its slow as hell and nothing happens

are there other ways to convert phpfina and phptimeseries to csv or sql?

forgot to add that i can upload the data files to my hosted install but i cant figure how to move all the data from one feed to the other

phpfina converts fine also on the shared hosting

but the phptimeseries also run very slow and i can see that the cpu useage goes through the roof

i also looked at the pi running the sd card image

it has the sync module but it does not show up, i did a database update and it did not anything, no sync module shows up

i have hoped that i could point to one feed on the pi and then another feed on the hosted install and migrate one feed at a time, but i guess it has to have same engine etc at both ends and that would not help me

i still think my best bet is to export to csv on the pi and then in phpmyadmin import to the feed i want

have set number of allowed datapoints to 25000000 and mb in settings is set to 1000

still it resourcemeters at the hosting go in the red :frowning:

yaaa, it worked, its just DAMM slow