Home Assistant MQTT with Home Assistant

Hi, could someone help me with this how to integrate the new emontx with HA MQTT, tried everything under the sun already.

this is what I have at the moment.

using HA MQTT, I was able connect, but i couldn’t get HA to do anything

What are you trying to achieve?

Other than you haven’t tried everything under the sun as it would then be working :slightly_smiling_face:, what equipment have you bought? An EmonTX and what else? Have you got emoncms running somewhere?

Hi Brian,

I’ve got EmonTx with 3x CT sensors connected to various circuits, the wifi module is integrated to the unit.

I do have this working through https://emoncms.org/ webpage and have been successfully controlling devices on the HA using the data from the web, but I wanted something local, and I have trying to get the MQTT on my HA to talk to it and no luck so far.
I am new to all this and would appreciate some help from this forum.

Problem solved:

the topic is emon//espwifi3510/P3
just had to put in this line emon/#

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