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Help with Feed configuration

I set my emoncms up a long time ago, and it has been working well. But I have a feeling that my configuration is a bit over complicated. I have been using things like the kWhd process, but now I want to try out the Agile App, it requires a kWh feed, and I don’t think I have that. Can anyone with more expertise advise? I’ve added a screen shot of one of my input setups and also the dashboard I’m using to display the information.

Hello @allen looks like a tidy setup!

To use the Agile app to see consumption costs you will need a cumulative kWh feed that represents imported power from the grid only.

you could add a power to kwh process between item 8 and 9 to do this I think?

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And use the post process to system to create the missing data.
Do it first - then re-use the same log in the feeds.

It’s so long ago that I created these feeds, that I’ve not kept up with more recent changes. What is post processing, and how would I do it?
I have added a new power to kWh feed as suggested, but I seem to be getting a lot of feeds now. I’m not sure if I really need them all, but I’m scared of losing data!

@TrystanLea is post processing only available if you run on a local pi? I send all my data to the online emonCMS, and don’t do anything locally.

Hello @allen yes it’s a local only option at the moment Im afraid, due to complexities of multi-server implementation of

And I’m running the 2016 image, so I don’t think it’s even available on that. I’m not even sure my old Pi could handle post processing locally. To run locally I presume I’ll need something like an external disk to hold all the data, and can I even transfer years worth of data from online to my local Pi?

Hello @allen, Yes you would need the latest image, which PI version do you have? I think it was a bit slower on the older models. A 16GB SD card is plenty to run locally and yes you can download all your data from using the emoncms sync module.

Hi @TrystanLea. My PI is quite old, so I may need to look at an upgrade. I have an EmonTx, so would the best option be to just get a new EmonBase from the shop? That black case looks good :smiley: