Help needed urgently my emontx has stopped working

Hi something happened this morning and I have no idea what started it but I noticed I wasn’t getting any data from the emonTx .
. So I pulled the silicon labs programmer that i use as a serial port out of the front so that I could have a good look at the EmonTx couldn’t see anything wrong and put the programmer back in but I think i put it in upside down !!
I checked the power supply and that seems ok but the red led on the board is not lighting up any more. Is there anything I can do or will I have to send it for repair?

Replying to myself here
Just noticed the red Led does come on but after maybe 20 seconds it goes out again?
Is that how it should be?
I installed this about 8 years ago and I can’t remember much about it now?

What sort of emonTx is it? 8 years ago is 2014, which was about the time when the assemble-it-from-a-kit emonTx V2 was replaced by the emonTx V3.2 with the RFu328P module piggy-back on the main board, and the RFM12B radio module mounted on top of that.

If it’s a V3.2, I’d expect the LED to come on for 10 s, then a brief flash every 10 s. If memory serves, most V2 sketches jumped straight into the flash every 10 s or so.

Thanks Robert It’s a V3 but I’ve sorted it now.
I got into a bit of a Panic. I hate not getting my data !

I hit the reset button and it started working :slight_smile:
Panic Over. Must say the EmonTx is a great bit of kit. It’s been working 24/7 since 2014
Only ever goes wrong when I muck it up


The bad news there is, if it is a V3.2, there’s nothing can be done if you do blow it up - the RFµ328 is not longer available.

Ah! I don’t use the wireless module anyway. I could sell you one LOL

No - that’s the processor module. The wireless is the RFM12B that sits on top of the RFµ328, that sits on top of the main pcb.