Heatpump monitor - reset Wifi, connect to different network

Hi all,

I have a seemingly basic thing I need to do but can’t work out the method. I have changed my Wifi SSID and need to connect the Heatpump monitor to the new network. I have tried resetting it using GPIO0 and even tried reuploading the firmware, but this keeps failing. Is there an easy way to make the Heatpump/ESP Wifi network reappear so I can reconnect it?



Hello Mark, do you know which version of the EmonESP firmware that you are now running on the ESP module? Is it the latest?

You can erase the configuration completely with the esptool erase flash command, although depending on the version of the firmware you have uploaded there are easier ways, e.g put the jumper on GPIO0 a second after start up or I think the latest should automatically go into AP mode.

Thanks Trystan, I guess it’s on the latest firmware since putting the jumper on straight after boot up did the trick!

Before that I did try erasing the config without success (esptool couldn’t connect) but guess it doesn’t matter now :slight_smile:

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Great to hear @markb