Heat Pump HAT on a Pi Zero W

Thought i’d see how the heatpump HAT worked on an old first gen Pi Zero W.
Full size Pi (or any Pi for that matter) are as rare as hens teeth right now in shops!!

I needed to mess about a bit with wi-fi on boot via

But seems okay.

Temp sensor logging.

Plenty of resource headroom?

If and when I do get a heat pump I will use a full size Pi with ethernet… wired always better.
But just wanted to prove this worked ok.



I wired up 4 temp sensors and the load has gone up.
Poor little Pi Zero is under a little more pressure now!! :scream:

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Interesting, maybe an opportunity to improve the python code there I wonder? Though I cant see anything immediate that I’ve missed in there https://github.com/openenergymonitor/emonhub/blob/master/src/interfacers/EmonHubDS18B20Interfacer.py, usual one would be a loop without a delay but none are in that part of the code…

Can you press C in top or use ps aux to see what the top python3 job is actually running? It looks like a new process Is eating CPU.

aha, good call… looks like its the emonpi LCD screen routine??

Can that be disabled?

Interesting, Yes you can disable that on the admin info page.

Can we disable it permanently from web admin? It thrashed CPU on my pi too because my LCD isn’t i2c and I’ve not rewritten lcddriver.py yet. I’ve very cruelly killed it with systemctl.

Have stopped and disabled it.

Rebooted all looking much better now, thank you.

Is there anyway it can auto detect you don’t have the LCD and not fire that service up?

The service shouldn’t use those resources, Il take a closer look at it!


Yes, you can by clicking on the disable button.

That did not seem to be permanent. Does it get restarted after an upgrade, maybe?

Have tidied things up and stuck it in a box from Amazon

Here’s the link to the box used.

And drilled a hole in the bottom for a PG19 gland.

It’s all pretty snug and there is no way i’d fit a full size Pi in there.

@TrystanLea what box did you use here: