Heat Pump App Missing Data

Any idea what might be causing this loss of data?

All channels are logging fine.


Hello @jbetech, could you copy a screenshot of the input processing that you are using?

Hi @TrystanLea

Like this?

That’s useful but I was thinking more the inputs page e.g:

Are you using SNXenergy directly to provide Heat_kWh_3 with a ‘log_to_feed’ input process? What do you have setup for the electric consumption?

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Or, for the kWh logs.

Data seems to have logged ok for both feeds:

Thanks @jbetech thats perfect.

You need to replace the ‘Log_to_feed’ Heat_kwh_3 with ‘Log_to_feed (join)’ and same for ‘Elec_kWh_pulsed_3’. This is a new input process specifically for this application, I’ve added a section to the guide here about it Calculating Daily kWh - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor but likely still need to update the heatpump documentation

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Sorry I realise you may be using emoncms.org? Im still working on updating emoncms.org with the new input processors


I can take a look at your account and see if I can fix it in the mean time if you are happy for me to do that?

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You can use the wh_accumulator process rather than log_to_feed for ‘Heat_kwh_3’ and ‘Elec_kWh_pulsed_3’ to essentially remove the little gaps in those feeds that will cause a missing day if the missing datapoint happens to coincide with midnight.

The new process ‘Log to feed (join)’ is just meant to be a little more intuitive as using a process named: wh_accumulator on a cumulative kWh feed does not sound correct… and the limiter built into that process is also not applicable. But other than that they do a very similar function.

I can run a post processor on the feeds to fix the historic data if you like.

That would be great if you could take a look.


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Hello @jbetech your feeds are now corrected.