Has ecoplugg gone out of business? OLEV EmonEVSE Installation

Deleted, had response from ecoplugg

Hi Ian,

I hope you don’t mind me replying to your post, since I’m sure there will be other people who have the same question. Let me know if I can help with your installation in any way, please PM me.

EcoPlugg are no longer taken on new domestic OLEV EV charge point installations. However, we have setup a network of authorised installers for our EmonEVSE. The list currently is as follows:

See the EmonEVSE product page for any updates:

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Hi Glyn

Thanks for the link.

We are on Devon Dorset border so the authorised installers are all a fair distance away from us. We have found a local installer who is calling to do a site visit tomorrow. He is approved for two other makes of charge points but said he had to be approved by you in order to apply the grant. What would you normally do in these circumstances?

It’s no problem to get him approved. Ask him to drop us an email with his company details and I’ll communicate the installation requirements and send him over an approval letter: [email protected]