Hardware to control a heat pump

(Hans) #1

I want to extend my emonpi and try to get a better control about my heat pump. It’s consuming too much energy and I want to write my own software based on the temperatures.

First thing are another 6 temperature sensors. I’m not so familar with the hardware, so I want to ask if the following modules will work together or if there is a better option.

RPI2 v2 1-Wire Host Adapter for Raspberry Pi{4}9{8}20{1}1
SWE2b Sensor Connection Module{1}1
SWE0a Temperature Sensor SWE0a Temperature Sensor{5}10

The second is a relay to switch on/off the pumps.

I found this one:

Raspberry Pi Relay Board v1.0

Can some one give me an OK for the compatibility of these products please?


(Brian Orpin) #2

I’d be inclined to use a SonoffPOW (I tend to buy my direct from Itead) for controlling on/off as it will also give you power readings. Flash it with Tasmota and you have a really flexible system.

There are 2 versions of the POW, series 1 and R2. The series 1 may be ok for your needs.

(Hans) #3

Sounds interesting. But more expensive than a raspberry board. There is a module with 4 relays availible, too.
There are so many possibilities…

(Brian Orpin) #4

Do you need more than one relay? If not, how is it more expensive? It is also simpler as you do not need a Pi nearby nor need to power the Pi.

Is it a 13A supply? I just cut the cable to the plug and insert the SonoffPOW. Easily isolated then if required.

(Hans) #5

That sounds indeed as an easy solution. I forgot to tell that there are three pumps which I like to control. I will use contactors for the three phases of the heat pump, so I have to install some hardware anyway.

(Hans) #6

The greater question are the additional temperature readings…