Hardware choices for local monitoring grid tie inverters and standrad inverters

Hi everyone,
I’m looking for hardware and software solution allowing local realtime (at least 1 sample per second) monitoring (displaying on TV in realtime and logging) several (up to 10) micro grid tie inverters (230AC, 500 watts) and standard 12VDC to 230VAC inverters (also 500 watts). What I hope for:

  • easy installation of meters (maybe simple socket/outlet drive-through meter plugged into wall socket or inverter socket), wireless meters
  • hardware for collecting data
  • compatible software for local (no internet) realtime displaying Watts, Wattshours and time from each source on the same screen (TV screen with hdmi input or WIFi)
  • maybe option for uploading to Cloud and accessing for analyzing
  • preferably a solution availible in Europe (Poland)

Any help and suggestions would be much appreciated.