Guide to Implementing Electrified Heat in Domestic Properties

Guide to Implementing Electrified Heat in Domestic Properties

Electrical, fabric, and plumbing considerations for low-carbon heating

This guide provides practical information to all those involved in designing, installing, operating and maintaining heating systems focussing on how to correctly apply electrified heating on current and future projects.

Published by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, 168 pages, ISBN-13: 978-1-83953-392-1

It focuses on all forms of electrified heat (including heat pumps) for heating, but also other related approaches and technologies such as heat recovery, renewables and energy storage. It also draws on other areas such as building fabric, thermal comfort, electrical system considerations and the complex issue of using electrified heat to generate domestic hot water.


At £65, I feel they have overpriced it for those involved in operation of domestic heating. Shame. The manufacturers aren’t really falling over themselves to publish good information on how their products work and should be operated — it’s all a bit like we should trust them and their installers to get it right first time every time and not revise things in light of experience — so there’s a real gap in the market for a good guide on how to operate low-temperature central heating most efficiently.

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