Graphs suddenly misses data. Feed value is still updating

3 days ago some of my feeds stopped showing data in graphs. The feeds are showing updating values allright, but from Dec 12 12:45 the curve values are 0. Other graphs still work fine.
What can be the reason for this ?

Are you using, emonPi / emonBase or your own installed version? What version of Emoncms are you using?

Is the system date and timezone correct?

HI, I have to reopen this issue since there was no answer to the initial question yet.
This night around 03:00 some of my older graphs stopped working. The feed itself is still refreshing and if I add a new feed to the same input the new graph is also working.
I’m using and emonHUB. I haven’t changed anything on my emonhub recently.

Hello @Sprky please check again now, there was an issue with one of the storage server’s overnight which has now been fixed and all of the queued feed data has now been processed.

Great - working again ! this was a quick response - many thanks
Seems to be working now. But there has been temporary incidents later aparently.