Graphing time axis behind after power down using emonpi local cms

Depowered emonpi during solar install. Now graphs show 5 hour timing error e.g shows 5am when actual 10am data is presented. Had 45 minute uncontrolled power down, during meter replace, 30 days later. Now graph delay is 5Hr 45 minute. Have manually used SSH and force reset system time, this did not fix graph time base error, but system time reads ok. My solar also shows 5 Hr 45Min delay by forecasting last real data as unchanging for 5Hr45Min on right side of graph. The data is all emon cms local. I also had 1 hour error in system time, likely applied daylight saving used in other Australian states but not Qld/Brisbane, selecting Port Moresby presented correct time.

Solved my problem for multi hours date error
1 use Windows Putty to access emonpi
2 make data read write
3 read Date
4 Change Date time to correct for error in displayed time (5Hr45Min change for me)
5 read date->if not correct then reissue date command and check until correct
6 make data read only
7 logout

format of date change command
sudo date -s ‘2014-12-25 12:34:56’
any linux guide will help. Does not re-write history but future data logged dates are correct.