Graphing stopped working 7:49 (UTC) today

Did anything happened with the installation today 7:49 (UTC)? Graphing for the most of my feeds has stopped. In “feeds” I can see data updated only a few seconds ago, but when I look at the graph there are no data later than 9:49 (UTC+2). It looks like the data isn’t saved? Example:

I see this on both the account I use at home and the account I use at work. On my private account it looks like the newest feeds are working, but not the old ones.

Do you experience the same?

Same issue for me:

My visualisations are also running about 2hours behind. The feed data is updating normally though.

Now I can see all my data in the graphs. This morning it was about 2 hours behind, but now it is working. Does anyone know what happened?

Another problem: I have a “zoom” graph on my dashboard. When I am in the “View Daily” view it won’t show the last day. The last day shown is yesterday, or sometimes it is two days ago. It has been like this a while. I am not sure how long, but maybe a month or two or three. Is this a known bug?