Graph Today vs Yesterday

Short of setting up an additional feed that calculates and stores a result “yesterday” or similar, is there straight forward way of graphing todays results vs yesterday’s?

Hi Craig,

There is a graph type called “timecompare” if you create a dashboard, it shows the current window (e.g. 1 day), with the previous window and the window before that. eg.

I’m not aware of an equivalent elsewhere.


Thanks. This looks to be what I am after.

Does or should this work on

It appears to be a “multigraph”, but when I try to place a multigraph on a dashboard it shows on the multigraph “Not Configured or Authentication not valid”

No, it’s not a multigraph, I’d presumed that you had a local install of emoncms which has a broader set of options available to you and after checking timecompare is something you do not get with, you’d need to request this from the admins (not me), maybe @TrystanLea, @Paul or @glyn.hudson can guide as to what they would be willing to include or how to request it.

To be honest, I’d recommend setting up your own local emoncms as then you get a lot more facilities out of the box and flexibility of what to do with it.

To setup a Multigraph go into “Extra → Visualisation”, from here select “Multigraph” in the “Select visualisation” drop down, you can then create and save the multigraph definition, before then using this saved config within the dashboard.

I am actually running both a local and the

My local install needs to be upgraded and don’t think it is going to be straight forward. I have a few other projects that need to be finished before I start on that little task.

Thanks for all your help.