Graph in - choose min time interval

In using the graph app it likes to display data, when zoomed in, with 5s intervals.

As I only send data at 10s intervals it is common for me to have to set ‘fixed interval’ to 10 and click ‘fix’ to get the data better displayed as sent. This then causes problems when zooming out as the data point limit is quickly reached.

If sensible, can we have the ability to set the minimum to 10s (does not stop someone entering 5 if they want). That way a users sending data at the ‘default’ 10s will get a zoom experience that zooms to 10s intervals.

I suspect other use cases would not like 10s. Perhaps a minimum time interval setting can be added so that users can set their optimum minimum time interval for graph zoom.

Offered as a potential improvement @glyn.hudson

Thanks for the great work.

Kind regards