Glcd firmware "low memory"

Hi, guys
I can’t upload glcd firmware “HomeEnergyMonitor” at glcd.
Because Arduino error code,
“Sketch uses 23,622 bytes (73%) of program storage space. Maximum is 32,256 bytes.
Global variables use 1,660 bytes (81%) of dynamic memory, leaving 388 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 2,048 bytes.
Low memory available, stability problems may occur
“Tester” sketch is nomally uploaded and work very well.
Whats wrong?
Please tell me…:cry:

Nothing is wrong. This is not an error, it is only a warning. The emonGLCD uses up almost all the available memory in the processor, and leaves very little spare.

It means that you cannot add anything more to the sketch.

Thanks for your reply,
But the problem is GLCD not show anything, maybe power off.

You may find using an older version of the Arduino editor will reduce the amount of memory the code compiles to and requires.

Which RFM module do you have, an RFM12B or RFM69CW?

Is this line in the sketch

#define RF69_COMPAT 0 // set to 1 to use RFM69CW

correct for the module you have?
#define RF69_COMPAT 0 for the RFM12B or
#define RF69_COMPAT 1 for the RFM69CW.

If that is wrong, the sketch will stop at the place where it initialises the radio module, and nothing will happen.

Thanks Robert and Stuart.
Both methods work well.
Thanks a lot.