GFCI fault

At the end of a charge session the Openevse charger sometimes goes to state 6, the web interface indicates there is a GFCI fault.
Disconnecting the GFCI coil doesn’t make a difference.

Any idea what can be the cause of this error?

Hi Martijn,

I’ve not heard of that error. Can you check that only the Live and Neutral (not earth) wires go through the GFCI coil. Does this happen at the end of every charging session? What EV are you charging and at what current?

Is this an EmonEVSE or OpenEVSE unit?

Only live and neutral go through the coil. We are charging 2 Mitsubishi Outlanders with 2 openevse chargers. Both chargers show this error, almost every charge cycle.
We are charging at 16 Amps, but the error occures when the charge current is low (0,8A).

I need to point out that the conductors that feed the load are called Line & Neutral, and both, for health and safety purposes, must be regarded as live wires.

Consider the possibility of a broken neutral conductor: downstream of the fault, the neutral conductor will be live at full line voltage should any form of load be connected.

Just because the neutral is normally close to earth potential does not mean it is safe to handle.


A common cause for gfci errors is moisture in the EV connector, could you try and examine your cable for any signs of moisture?