Generate an event from emonTx or emonbase

sorry I’m very new to this so I’m trying to understand how to use it.

Let’s assume I want a exit to be flagged ON (3.3 or 5V) if a certain condition is met (i.e. power absorption > 2kW) is there any way I can do it?
Is there an anologue exit from the emonTx or emonbase I can use?
are Events already present in the firmware so that I can configure them? (if not it would be great to add them :slight_smile: )



The only way I can think that this would work would be to have an external device “listen” for this event.

Using the emoncms process lists you can create an MQTT post, or send an email.

If using emonhub, you could have something listening to the incoming data and using this to make a pin behave as you want.

So I cannot use Arduino outputs or RaspberryPI?

I’m probably getting the names of the things confused as I always have.

I use one of these

For my testing rig. This is one of the original beasts.

The rfm connects over the gpio on the raspberry pi.

If you were to make an extension you could use the gpio of it, original you used a newer raspberry pi, more gpios would be exposed.