From kg to kg/day

I’ve set up at home monitoring system for my bees; They now log temperature and weight

I would like to have EmonCMS show the weight gain or loss for the bee hive once per day, i.e. like power consumption in kWh/day. There dosen’t seem to be a function in EmonCMS that can do this, and I have not been able to figure out a way to do it…

I’m considering to program it into the Arduino code, but not being an expert, I’m not sure the Arduino knows the clock. I could probably have it report the weight change, kg/s, and then use the kWh/d accumulator, but that seem overly complex for such a simple task :-/

Anyone have a bright idea on how to do this in a simple way?

Hello Lykke, if you follow the approach documented here: but use the wh_accumulator process that should do it. Although only if the weight keeps going up…

Trystan - for the future enhancements list: Maybe change Wh Accumulator to Units Accumulator. There are probably other processes that could change in a similar way for measuring weight, gas usage, water usage, etc.


I am curious - what happens if the weight goes down?

Unfortunately the weights goes both up and down during the day, i.e. it goes down during the night when the bees evaporate water from the honey and it goes down when they fly out in the morning to collect nectar and pollen.

Does the Wh accumulator throw away negative values? Well, guess I can just give it a go and see what happens :slight_smile:

…just noticed the “delta” option in the bar graph visualisation.

Seems like a delta bar graph will produce a nice kg/day graph for me, and that may be sufficient for me. Thanks.